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There are 4 items in this set. Below are the items you will find in IWP DELUXE PLUS PINK HONEY (Acne prone skin) :

⭐️ 1x Pigmented Sugar Dough (PSD) – a tube of firm sugaring paste + waxing tools pack.

⭐️ 1x Smoothie Black Bee Honey Ferment

⭐️ 1x PSD Warming Tumbler (Pink)

⭐️ 1x Adjustable Waxing Mirror

Pigmented Sugar Dough

Experience the whole professional waxing salon at your doorstep. IWP DP offers the best value for your money, the privacy of waxing your own body parts and convenience to do it at your own time. Owning IWP DP means you’re in total control of your waxing experience. Comes with a limited edition of PSD Warming Tumbler and Adjustable Waxing Mirror


Sugar, Water, Citric Acid, Color Pigment (Titanium Dioxide and Mica)


Skin Type: Suitable for all skin type

Formulation: Thick liquidised sugar (Warm it in a cup of hot/warm water with the cap removed and facing outwards/upwards).

How to:

1. Make sure you’ve tried and do a patch beforehand at less sensitive areas like your hands or leg (Especially if this is the first time).

2. Prep the skin beforehand, exfoliate, hydrate, put some talcum on the areas and more importantly, ensure that the hair length is about 0.5cm.

3. Preheat the formulation – Put the tubes in a cup filled with hot water, with the cap removed and facing upwards.

4. Apply wax in the direction of the growth. Put on the strip onto the area (cut if needed).

5. Pull the strip against the direction of growth AS FAST AS POSSIBLE (for minimal pain (although there’s really no pain).



1.5 kg


7 × 7 × 5 cm

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  1. salinaazmi97

    ( 1 Review )

    This is my first time purchase thru, I would say that I love the shopping experience here, it is easy and fast. As for the shipping, surely the best! it arrived within 1 working day. And I also have tried this waxing kit, the wax was great, it did pull almost all hair that have been applied with the wax. But a bottle each wont be enough especially for those with more hair like me

    • arisya

      Thanks for the compliments hun!

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